Saturday, February 27, 2016

We're 101 Days Smarter...101 Days More Crazy

This school year has been awesome...crazy, but awesome!!! I am incredibly proud of my sweet scholars, their hard work, all that they've learned, all of their accomplishments, and how much they've grown. I was so excited to celebrate with them!

In previous years, we'd always celebrated the 100th day of school, but this year I decided to change it up a bit. Since my scholars all celebrate the 100th day in kindergarten, I wanted to give them something new and special this year. As they are 1st graders, we decided to celebrate the 101st day of school with a 101 Dalmatians themed day!!!

It was a such an exciting day full of fun, treats, and smiles! Take a look at our 101st day of school!! When the kids walked in, this is what our classroom door looked like!

Our back table was full of treats and fun for the day!

The firsties wore 101 Dalmatians decorated shirts. All the kids made them at home and wore them over their uniforms! They loved being able to wear something special! When they arrived they each got a hat (complete with oversized ears that were floppy and fun) and a 101st Day of School Activity Book!!

They also each got a special brag tag -- the love getting new brag tags!

We kicked off our activity book fun with recalling our favorite parts of the first 101 days in school!

Then we did a series of 101 exercises (side note: if you are ever worried about your fitness abilities, just watch 1st graders try to do sit-ups...don't worry, you'll feel great about yourself! It was kind of the cutest thing!!)

We continued with some fun 101 themed writing and math activities!

Afterwards we moved onto our "Treat Trade" activity. Each student brought 101 black or white colored treats (marshmallows, chocolate chips, mini Oreos, etc.)

They then traded groups of 10 so that each student ended up with 101 assorted black and white goodies from their classmates!

Here they were with their final goodie bags with black and white treats from all their friends!

After Treat Trade, we talked about what we would be like when we were 101 years old!! I love this sweet scholar who drew herself 101 year old self with a dalmatian!!! So cute!!

At the end of the day, we finished up with some special treats!!

We had some yummy cakes (moment of truth: I had every intention of baking these adorable cupcakes I found on Pinterest...then life happened...and so I bought desserts from the store...don't tell. And let's be honest, these look better than what I could have made anyway...).

I was trying to think of what kind of drink to do and came up with a simple milk with Whoppers (malted milk balls) in them! It was easy and the kids loved them!

When the scholars left, they each got a 101 days smarter treat bag with 101 spelled out in cookies and donuts!!

Also, each of the students got to take a photo with our photo frame!!

It was a wonderful (and sugar-filled) day celebrating all that these scholars have accomplished this year!! We're 101 days crazier smarter!!! Happy 101st Day of School!


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  1. HOW CUTE! Are your 101 activities available to purchase? I love them!