Sunday, January 17, 2016

GETTIN' PIED: Author's Purpose PIEs

To quote Carls Jr., 
"If it doesn't get all over the place, 
it doesn't belong in your face."

PIE FACE. Voted a top game of 2015. It's exciting. It's hysterical. It can end with pie in your face. Is there a game that is better than that?? Yeah, our class thinks there is nothing better! So taking a cue from Hope King, we learned author's purpose with the game PIE FACE!

Here is what our setup looked like!

Once everything was setup, we were ready to serve up author's purpose!

We learned about author's purpose using the acronym PIE (persuade, inform, entertain). We had some anchor charts to learn the definitions of the three different types as well as pies with different genre samples.

Our first activity was to sort different genre pie slices into the different pie tins!

My class was split into small groups to race to see who could sort the genre pie slices!

Here were the completed pies sorted by type!!!

Time is up!! One team finished "baking" (aka completing) their pies which means it was time for our first round of PIE FACE!!!!

For those who have not heard of this fabulous game, its a hybrid between Russian Roulette and pie throwing. You place whipped topping on the hand of the game, place your face on the "chopping block," spin the number spinner, and then turn the handle the number of spins you chose. Sometimes, the number of clicks does not set the hand off...and other times, the hand is released and you are pied. Below is what getting pied looks like! The kids LOVED it!!!

Now that students were able to sort author's purpose genres, it was time to sort different pie themed writing samples.

Each group read the slices and sorted them into the different pie tins!

The last team to finish got PIED!! Look at that smile!

The third activity was PIE Bingo!

There were 5 different Bingo boards and 3 different kinds of pie-themed Bingo chips! We used our PIE Spinner and Bingo boards to play our fun game! Below was the winner from our first round!

I I got PIED!!!!!

The firsties loved learning about author's purpose with PIE activities!

The smiles and craziness made this lesson so fun and fabulous!!!

Here were some of the things from our lesson -- PIE crowns, anchor charts, PIE spinner, genre pie slice, author's purpose writing slices, exit tickets, and Pie Face game!!!!

If you would like the learning resources that we used, feel free to pick it up in my TPT store HERE! It's on sale for a limited time!!!

Have fabulous fun with this author's purpose PIE lesson!!!


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