Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Return of Mayhem: Moose on the Loose Week 2

We were off to week two with Mayhem the Moose!!! Our wacky woodland friend was up to his mischief and mayhem while on the loose in our classroom. If you missed last week's craziness, check it out HERE.

True to form, Mayhem was here to help us countdown to winter break with some treats, surprises, fun, and a little mayhem!


Mayhem helped us to learn alliteration with his "Moose Muffin Monday." He brought us some delicious blueberry muffins he had made for us and then created his "Leaning Tower of Treats." Thankfully (and quite surprisingly), his treat tower didn't topple through the day!!

We introduced alliteration on Monday by talking about "Moose Muffin Monday." My sweet scholars and I brainstormed some of the other "m" things that Mayhem could have brought us. I was so impressed with some of the fun things they came up with -- a few of my favorites were motorcycles, movies, microwaves (plural -- because who wouldn't want more than one microwave), mittens, mice, mail, maps, marbles, the Mayflower, and much more!

As the firsties worked hard, they were able to go over and pick up and enjoy a muffin! They told me Mayhem made the best blueberry muffins they had ever tasted! I even had a few kids ask me for the recipe!


Following our alliteration theme from Monday, Mayhem celebrated "Treat Tuesday" with us by bringing in Moose Snow...more commonly known as popcorn! He also brought a friend with him -- Olaf!!!

Just like the previous week, I used Mayhem as a major behavior motivator. As students worked hard academically, made positive behavioral choices, were good friends, etc. they were able to go to Mayhem and Olaf and collect pieces of snow throughout the day!

By the end of the day, the firsties had each collected a whole cup worth of moose snow. They got to decorate a white cup to look like Olaf and then enjoy their hard-earned treats!

They were SNOW HAPPY with their final Olaf cups and popcorn! Such a fun (and cheap) way to encourage positive behavior and countdown to the final days until break!


Day 8 was our second to last day of school for 2015! Since we would be on a field trip for the final day, we had to have our end of the year party on Day 8! Mayhem brought us all the treats and accessories for a New Year's Party!

We were ready to party like it is 2016!

As this day also corresponded to the final day of our semester, we looked at our data binders for the past quarter, did some self-reflection, and then wrote our goals for 2016! After working, it was time to PARTY!

Mayhem brought party hats and tiaras, necklaces, our holiday photo frame, and yummy treats and drinks!

We spent the last few minutes of the day celebrating all that we learned this past year, our progress and successes, and then got to eat our treats! I'm SUPER proud of each of these spectacular scholars! I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for each o them!


Y'all, Mayhem the Moose was loose at KNOTT'S BERRY FARM!!!!!!!

Every teacher know that the last week before winter break is a little wacky (understatement of the year?!?!). To combat the crazy, the past few years we've planned our field trip to Knott's Berry Farm on the last day before break. One of our social studies standards is to study the past and present, how life has changed, specifically in the area of transportation. Knott's has a 1st grade field trip designed to hit this particular standard. After studying the history of transportation in school, the students get to ride 9 different kinds of transportation! It is an AWESOME field trip that makes the learning really come alive for the kids! They love it!

To get us ready for the trip, when the kids arrived Mayhem had my teacher backpack all packed (seriously, y'all -- I LOVE this bag!! It says "1st Grade Teacher" and it's all glittery!! Does it get any better than that?!?! I think not!) and our field trip name tags!

Here were just some of the rides we studied and then went on:

The Red Baron Airplanes were a hit! Mayhem loved soaring through the air as well!

Next we went on the Hot Air Balloons! Mayhem was a little scared, but we held him close!

Our next stop was on the steam engine! All aboard!

Y'all, we went on an authentic STAGECOACH!!! These girls and I were super excited to be sitting in the front on top of the stagecoach where we had a great view of the horses who pulled us! It was a little bumpy and Mayhem almost fell off...but thankfully our cowboy driver caught him...

Our final ride for our crazy day was Snoopy's crazy bus!

We finished off the day at Snoopy's General Store for a little shopping!

Our trip was a fabulous way to end our days with Mayhem the Moose on the loose! The kids and I loved looking forward to his treats, surprises, and trouble each day! It was an extra bonus that I was able to use him and his treats as behavior motivators during the week!

Here was a copy of our Countdown Calendar where we recorded what happened each afternoon! This was my first year doing this with my class, and I can't wait to do it again next year!! Such a fun memory!!! I hope that you all had a fabulous last week of school before break!!!