Monday, December 7, 2015

Plant a Pumpkin...In a Pumpkin

You know those incredible teachers (or people) who have green thumbs and fill their classrooms (or offices, homes, etc.) with amazing plants? Well, I'm definitely not one of them!! Like, not at all. Y'all, I can kill anything and's kind of embarrassing. Every year I'd try to plant things with my class when we'd learn about plants, plant parts, plant life cycles, etc., but inevitably it would not go so well. I tried everything!! Beans in cups, beans in baggies, flowers in the garden, and much more. It was so sad for my firsties when each year we didn't have the amazing results we hope for.

However, as Curious George on my science apron always reminds us, we need to "Be Curious!" Even though year after year hadn't been so great, I was determined to find something that would work for this non-green thumbed (I've been accused of having a pink thumb) teacher!! And hallelujah I found it! This year was different! I finally found a way for my kids to experience the plant life cycle that even I could successfully pull off...planting a pumpkin in a pumpkin!!! #miracle

It is SO easy to do and definitely a ton of fun! Also, the fact that the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin sprout and grow out of the pumpkin itself is pretty cool to see! My first grade scientists loved charting the growth during the month and seeing the awesome results!! Take a look into what we did!

  • 1 pumpkin
  • Soil
  • Water
  • 1 month
Seriously, friends! That's it! 

STEP 1: Get a pumpkin:

STEP 2: Cut the top off: 

STEP 3: Add soil. (Note, we took a little bit of the pumpkin insides out to give some extra room for the soil):

STEP 4: Add water. (This is probably where I always where we would mess up in past years as I would never know how much to waster our class plants. However, I think pumpkins must be hardy or something because some days the firsties watered a little more and other days they watered less...and it still worked!!!):

STEP 5: By day 3 it had begun to sprout a little bit:

STEP 6: By day 5 there were some fabulous stalks! I think one of the things that made this so wonderful was how quickly the kids could see results:

STEP 7: In one week the stalks were overflowing the pumpkin!! It was crazy! Check it out:

STEP 8: So, by day 10 our pumpkin stalks were absolutely EXPLODING out of our pumpkin! The stalks were pushing up the soil. At this point, we decided it was time to plant!

STEP 9: We planted the pumpkin in the garden outside our class.

STEP 10: We watered our newly planted pumpkin each day:

STEP 11: By day 25 the leaves had really started to grow! It was neat to see the shape and size of the leaves change now that the pumpkin had more room to grow!

STEP 12: After just a few more days we started to see buds:

STEP 13: By day 30, just one month since we began, our pumpkin was flowering!

We are so excited to see what will continue to happen! The firsties are hoping that they see a pumpkin in the coming months!! We'll definitely keep you posted on what happens!


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