Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mouths on Math Episode 2: Tasting our Way Through Bear Bar Graphs

Here's my second installment of "Mouths on Math!" (If you missed my first episode, see "Freshly Baked Fraction Pizzas" here) As teachers we are always striving to make our learning experiences engaging and hands-on for our students. In our class we love lessons that are not only hands-on, but also mouths-on!!!

We've been studying all about bar graphs, so to kick off our learning, we did "Beary Bar Graphs!" We had several different ways we tasted and practiced graphing, creating graphs, and analyzing graphing data!


Our first kind of graph was using Teddy Grahams. (On a side note, I hadn't had Teddy Grahams in forever...probably since I was in first grade...and can I just say, they are amazing!! Why did I ever stop eating these?!? So yummy!!!!)

Each child got to sample four different kinds of Teddy Grahams: honey, cinnamon, chocolate, and birthday cake.

Once they tasted (and re-tasted) the different flavors, we graphed our favorites!!


After Teddy Grahams, we moved onto tasting different "berries." We enjoyed strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. We graphed our results! The raspberries were SO sweet and were definitely the favorite!


After we had done several class graphs together, the firsties paired up and created their own graphs. I wanted them to have practice creating their own graph with options choices their classmates could pick from.

Each pair posed a question: What is your favorite food? What is your favorite ice cream flavor? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite sport?

They then got to choose the various food/ice cream/color/sport options their classmates could pick from.

After they had created their graphs, they posted them around the room for their classmates to fill out. We played a graphing game where the students got to search around the room to find and fill out their fellow mathematicians' graphs!

Here were the graphs when everyone had filled them out!

The students were so proud of the graphs they created!! The sense of ownership and pride at making their own graphs was awesome!!!!

If you would like the graph templates (7 different kinds in total), feel free to pick them up in my TPT Store here.

Mouths on math was "beary" fun once again!! Can't wait for our next installment using foods and treats in the classroom for math learning!


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