Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classroom Reveal: Welcome to First Grade Fairyland!!!

Once upon first grade,
In room 402,
Was a costume-loving teacher,
And her bright scholars true.

Welcome to Miss Allison's First Grade Fairyland!! I have been waiting for weeks and am now extremely excited to link up with Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Angie from Lucky Little Learners for their #2getherwearebetter Classroom Reveal Linky. The time has finally come!!! Once Upon First Grade, in a faraway land...

I hope that as you enter our room, you are transported to an adventurous land far, far away filled with fun, learning, and lots of magic!!! You will quickly notice that I have an extremely small room. This matches my private school class cap of 12 students. While space is limited, we make an effort to use all of our space to create a fun and magical environment for learning and growth! Join us as we adventure into Firstgrade Fairyland!!! 

Above was our door the first day of school! We took first day of school pictures (using photo frames that can be found in my TPT store HERE) that will soon go on the door on each of the name cards. Below is the door from the outside, our new class announcement board, and our backpack and lunch cubbies! 

Here is the view of our class when you enter First Grade Fairyland!! Our student desks are in the middle, our morning meeting and math rug are off to the left, our front rug is up at the head of the class, and my teacher desk is to the right! 

We'll begin our adventure into Fairyland by giving you a panoramic view from left to right. Immediately when you walk into class on your left is our class library and Listening Center. We know that reading for firsties can sometimes be difficult -- reading is a lot of work. I wanted to create a library area that would inspire a love of reading and literature in my students. To do this, I turned to my AMAZING cousin for help. If you know me, you know that I the sad recipient of the worst artist EVER joke!! But my cousin Nicole is an extremely talented artist who created this amazing mural for my class library. She designed, drew, and then painted it -- clearly, she's truly incredible!!! 

This side of our library houses all of our books. Our class books are organized into bins with a specific picture corresponding to the book type or genre. The picture is placed on a bin label and also on each book. This makes it easy for students to help me find and return books to their correct bin!!! One of the things I love about these books is that about half of them were my own books growing up. My mom was the parent who was always ordering from Scholastic Book Clubs and taking us to Barnes and Noble. Knowing I wanted to be a teacher, she kept all of our books until I was ready to house them in my class library. It's a special treat to pull out my childhood favorites, with my name written in my elementary handwriting on the inside cover, to read to my class. 

Continuing along the west wall of our classroom is our "Crown Jewels" bulletin board where we recognize and display the incredible work of our first grade scholars. I can't wait to showcase all of my students' amazing creations this year!!! Sharing that same wall are our class mailboxes and inside cubbies. These cubbies are used to store students' extra supplies, book boxes, and Writing Portfolios!

There is a door that joins our first grade room to the adjacent second grade room. On that door we have our Royal Duties chart. I wasn't able to find many fairytale-themed decorations, so I ended up printing a lot of clipart to decorate the room and creating my own decorations and posters. My Royal Duties chart was one of those projects. I simply created a document in PowerPoint with clipart and then printed it poster-sized at Costco (for less than $5!!!). I then printed princes and princesses for each student on magnets. I placed corresponding magnets on the posters and just switch the students from job to job each week!! 

Next we journey to the north-west corner of the room which is our morning meeting and math calendar rug. This is one of my favorite areas because of my pink princess chair. I knew I couldn't have a fairytale themed classroom without some kind of "throne," but all the ones I saw online were WAY too expensive!!! So, I decided to make one myself. I looked at lots of ideas on Pinterest, and then spent an entire day shopping (a special thanks to my fabulous roommate for traipsing around town with me) to find this pink chair. With the help of my talented mother, we turned it into my pink princess chair!!! 

Journeying on we come to the center of the room where our student desks are. I seat my students in pods. This allows us to do lots of cooperative learning, group work, partner discussion, etc. quickly and easily!!

At the very front of the room is our whiteboard and another rug for the students to sit. Whenever we're using our interactive whiteboard, our class sits on this rug to allow them to easily come up to the board to do things! 

This year I'm starting to use brag tags (which my students and I have completely fallen in love with). However, in my small room I had no idea where I was going to store them. I was able to use the space underneath my whiteboard to hang the brag tags for each student as well as organize and store the new tags to hand out!! 

On the wall next to our white board hang our class rules, or Laws of the Land. Our school has five main rules that we all use!

At the front corner of the classroom is my teacher desk. While I'm currently considering getting rid of it, it's still there for now. We'll see how much longer it lasts...

My classroom has no in none whatsoever. I finally got a set of bookshelves to house all of my supplies (which are clearly now falling apart), but have struggled at the best way to organize everything. I am so embarrassed at the way it looks and would much prefer something that was covered, but haven't been able to afford anything yet!! Here's what our supplies look like for now! If anyone has any ideas of how to help this disaster of a storage situation, I am all ears!! 

In the fourth corner of our room is our small group kidney table. Here is where I get to spend some of my favorite time during the day -- working in small groups during literacy centers. Reading and connecting with students in a one on one or small group way is so rewarding and special!! Behind the table are our leveled readers, our "And They Learned Happily Ever After" objectives board which you can read about on my blog HERE, and our reading focus board. 

The final wall of our room has a number of important things. To the left you can see our literacy center group board (that is magnetic of course -- I'm all about magnets). I simply move our groups (Castles, Crowns, Swords, and Shields) from center to center so students can see where they are supposed to go. In front of our window is a set of drawers that houses our copies for the week and also a bin to store graded student work that is sent home each week. The last area of our room is where our aide table is. My school is 1st-12th grade, and sometimes we have the privilege of having a high school student aide in our classroom; this is our special area for them. 

Our aide table houses our homework center. It has a set of trays where students turn in their homework each morning as well as their "Knightly Homework" board that keeps track of the students who have turned in their homework each night. 

And now we've come full circle back to our classroom door. Thank you for taking the time of journey through First Grade Fairyland with us!! Hope you got a peak at our magical land in a kingdom far away!!!!

If you'd like to join in the classroom reveal fun!! Link up with us to continue the festivities!!

I can't wait to see everyone else's classroom reveals!!!!!!



  1. Oh I want a Pink Princess Chair!!!! Your library looks great- your cousin is very talented! Knightly Homework and Laws of the Land are such great plays on the theme! Have a great back-to-school Xx

    1. Awww, thank you SO much, year2tastic!!!!! You are so sweet!! Yes, the Pink Princess Chair is definitely one of my favorite places!! It honestly was really easy to do!! I am incredibly thankful for my talented cousin -- she truly is amazing!!!! Hope you have a fabulous year!!!!! xoxo, Danielle

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