Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Apple-solutely Apple-icous Activities: Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!!

I love holidays. I mean LOVE holidays!!! Simply the thought of Thanksgiving, birthdays, New Year's, 4th of July, the Superbowl (which, yes, I realize is not actually a holiday, but is a fun event with friends, family, and food so I feel like it fits in the holiday category) makes me smile. The decorations, laughter, and memories associated with these events and gatherings make my heart skip a beat...no joke!!

So needless to say, holidays and celebrations are a pretty big deal in my classroom. This is why we spent a few days learning about and celebrating Johnny Appleseed. As his birthday was Saturday (September 26), we took time on Friday AND Monday to enjoy all things apples!!! #twicethefun

We began by reading about John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed), acting out a play of his life, creating a biography minibook, and also narrative writing piece about him. Below are pictures of my firsties reading their narrative pieces during Author's Chair time!

This week the comprehension skill we were working on was identifying the topic, main idea, and details in a text. Of all of the skills we do in the year, I think this is always the most challenging for my dear scholars. I wanted to give my firsties some extra fun practice with these skills by making a "Topic, Main Idea, & Details Johnny Appleseed Hat!" The firsties were so excited to to make their hats, that they were more than willing to work through the challenge of identifying the topic, main idea, and details! Once we had written everything out, we created our cooking pot hat with the topic and main idea on the big red apple and six smaller apples with details on the side!

The kiddos were so excited to wear their hats through the day!! Here are my boys sporting their hats and showing off their treats!

We ended our biography unit on Johnny with an "all things apple" celebration! We enjoyed sliced apples, apple sauce, apple juice, and apple cake!! The students were so happy to celebrate Johnny, all he did, and his birthday!! Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!

Hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating as well!!!


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