Saturday, August 29, 2015

Odds & Even Character Games and Freebie

Can we just all agree that sisters are the most amazing people??? Well, my sister is at least. Even though she only has a few more precious weeks of summer break, my amazing sister spent three days in my classroom with me this week cutting lamination, working with students while I pulled kids for DIBELS assessments (hallelujah they're done!!!), and taking videos of our lessons.

Then on Thursday I had an idea -- would she be willing to help me teach a math lesson -- in character and costume?!?! While I dress up and lose my face all day every day with my students, I was so excited when Crystal agreed to join in on the craziness. Did I mention she's the best?!?!

Friday we began introducing odd and even numbers with Odd Todd and Even Steven. We sang a song about them and then did several fun sorting actives and games to practice the content. We each had a sign for our character and hosted a competition where the students were given number cards that they needed to identify as odd or even numbers to come stick on us. There was laughter and giggles and learning and fun -- the kids had a blast!! This was the way I had always envisioned teaching this lesson, but never had a partner to share in the craziness! If you don't have a co-teacher, you could have two students play the characters for the whole class, or have them be the characters in pairs, use for a center activity, sort on the floor, or even a task-based assessment!! That would just make test-taking so much more fun! 

So that you and your class can enjoy the fun as well, pick up the FREEBIE HERE that includes the Odd Todd and Even Steven sign names, number cards for sorting, and blank cards for students to write their own numbers to sort!!! I hope that you and your kids have just as much fun as we did!

If you'd like to continue the fun, below is a poster along with a character flip activity and a pocket sort activity you can find in my TPT store HERE:

Since Miss Crystal isn't around all year to dress up, we hang these Odd Todd and Even Steven character posters on the wall for reference! 

I have a good friend who has a co-teacher who she loves teaching with, but that was never something I thought I would enjoy. However, I have to say that having another adult to perform with, play off of their energy, have friendly competition with, and much more made the lesson so much more engaging and exciting both for my students and myself. So, here's an open invitation to any of my friends who would like to spend some time joining in on a crazy lesson, my door is always open!! Come experience "Once Upon First Grade" and join us as we learn happily ever after!!


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