Monday, July 27, 2015

Flash Freebie -- You're O-FISH-ally a K-6th Grader Treat Bag Tag

It's that time of year again. Summer is winding down. Brightly colored pens, glitter folders, and action figure lunch boxes have officially taken over every store imaginable. And I am on the hunt for the ever elusive "cute but comfortable school shoes" (honestly, I feel like I'm on a unicorn hunt or something...that's how hard it is to find shoes, but more about that later). All signs point to back to school.

If you're anything like me, your summer has been full of spending money on your classroom -- school supplies, new this, updated that, incredible resources, and much more. As a teacher, I think you deserve a break; not just a break before the hustle and bustle (aka, craziness) of a new year ensues, but also a break from all your back to school purchasing!!! So, I've linked up with the fabulous Lisa from Love and Laughter in 2nd Grade to provide teachers with some back to school freebies! Be sure to check out Lisa's awesome blog and her FB page below for more details on how you can score some incredible freebies ALL DAY both today and tomorrow. Every half hour different TPT sellers will post a back to school flash freebie!! But, they won't last long, so make sure your grab them while they're still free!

I'm posting a treat bag tag I use for our school's orientation. It's also great for the first day of school, Meet the Teacher Night, etc. I've modified it to be used for any grades K-6th grade. Simply print your grade level, cut it out, and tape onto a fish-themed treat -- I love Goldfish crackers or Swedish fish!! You're kids will love being o-FISH-ally welcomed to their new grade! My flash freebie starts at 10:00 am PT today!! Here's a link to my TPT product:

And on the unicorn hunting, I mean "cute but comfortable enough to teach all day on my feet" shoe hunting front, I found these. Admittedly not the cutest of all shoes ever created, but definitely comfy!! Plus, my mom bought them as a back to school gift for me (because she felt so bad about all the money I was already spending on my classroom)!!! A super big thanks and shoutout to my number one supporter and cheerleader -- thanks, Mommy!!! Apparently, unicorn hunting is not as impossible as I had previously thought...especially when you bring your mom along!

Cinderella says a pair of shoes can change your clearly this means I'm stepping into a life-changing school year! Can't wait to see what this year brings!!

Happy back to school prep, friends!! Don't forget to check out all the flash freebies Lisa has organized for today!!!


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