Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ABCs of First Grade Linky

Link up with "1st Grade Tribe" for the ABC's of 1st Grade!! 

A new school year is the perfect time for new beginnings -- new classes, new school supplies, new experiences, and new friends. I couldn't be more happy about my new friends: Elizabeth from First Grade Stripes, Melinda from Tales of the Sassy Teacher, Kristen from Where the First Graders Are, Nicole from Beginnings with Baer, Brigid from Bits of First Grade, and Carinne from the soon to be Running with First Grade!! We began "1st Grade Tribe" to help all the fabulous first grade teachers connect and support one another! I have already loved getting to know these incredible teachers and am looking forward to much more collaboration together! (P.S. If you're a first grade teacher who'd like to join our group, find us on Facebook!!)

ABC's and 123's are every teacher's bread and butter. In line with this, we are hosting our group's first linky party on "The ABC's of 1st Grade."

To share my favorite aspects of first grade via the alphabet, here's a little poem!! Hope you enjoy!

My ABC's of 1st Grade!! 

by Danielle Allison

Each and every day in first grade,
With your lesson plans meticulously made,
A wonderful, new ADVENTURE begins,
For no two school days are ever twins.

Even amidst the craziness and BUSTLE,
Students’ CREATIVITY you cannot ruffle,
For their DETERMINATION to succeed,
Is quite impressive, yes, indeed.

And as teachers we endeavor,
To develop engaging EXPERIENCES, oh, so clever,
To make learning fabulously FUN, GOOFY, and exciting,
So that learning is always inviting.

With their precious HEARTS always willing
To be faithful in fulfilling,
The many tasks that we require,
Of hard work they never tire.

And for every project at hand,
With INITIATIVE they take command,
A serving of diligence and their JOKES,
Added with KINDNESS their success provokes.

Days filled with LAUGHTER and with fun,
Full of MEMORIES of each one.
As teachers, our students we'll forever treasure,
Our love for them knows no measure.

Our classrooms are filled with NOTEBOOKS ORDERLY and neat.
As they use glittery PENS on their answer sheet,
They inquire, think, and QUESTION,
As exploration and discovery is their profession.

Whether whole class, partner, or all alone,
READING is the cornerstone,
Of first grade learning, giggles, and joy,
So much growth by each girl and boy.

All their SILLINESS and personality,
Fills us with sentimentality,
For each one is a TREASURE so very dear,
We’ll remember from year to year.

The knowledge and UNDERSTANDING that they gain,
And the VOCABULARY they retain,
So full of WONDER and curiosity,
As they learn with velocity.

With all their XOXOs, hugs, and kisses,
We hope that none a single day misses,
For they bring us happiness, joy, and pride,
Forever in our hearts and memories they’ll reside.

Each day we watch them grow,
YARDSTICK can only show,
Their physical growth throughout the year,
Though their academic growth is crystal clear.

There is ZERO doubt in our mind,
We’re so thankful they were assigned,
To be part of our lives and class,
We’ll remember them as the days pass.

In our heats they will forever stay,
And in the memories we replay.
For first grade is a magical place,
Our lives will always be interlaced.


Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into some of my favorite parts of first grade!! Feel free to use the picture above and link up to share your first grade ABC's!!! Can't wait to read all about it!! 



  1. Absolutely AMAZING poem! WOW! Loved it!

    1. Aww, thanks, Carinne!! You're so sweet!! Glad you liked it!!! Writing it definitely got my excited for a fabulous new year!! xoxo

  2. Love it Danielle! Your poem is super cute! Yes, yes, and yes to all of the above! Questions and glittery pens all day! Love it! Thanks for sharing! :) Thank you for linking up!

    All the best,