Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Welcome to Once Upon First Grade!

Bear hugs and bright smiles and they bound in the door each morning. Twinkling eyes as they absorb and learn on the rug. Excited voices discussing literature and history with their peers. Gears turning as they observe, question, and wonder as scientists. All these "firsties" with their unique strengths, personalities, and characters converge in our fairyland classroom. A far away place where love, joy, fun, and learning all converge. Welcome to my classroom!

My name is Danielle Allison, and I'm a first grade teacher from southern California! I come from a family of educators, and have always dreamed of being a teacher! Six years ago, I accepted a position as a teacher at my alma mater. These past few years have been the most wonderful, exciting, and challenging of my life. They've brought more laughter, smiles, rewards, tears, and heartache than I could have every imagined. However, I wouldn't trade them for anything. Each class day is filled with so much learning and growth -- not just for my students, but also for me! I love first grade and can't imagine ever doing anything else! 

Miss Super Verb visited us for our lesson on action verbs!

This simple blog will house just some of the activities, stories, and experiences my firsties and I have. And I'm a firm believer that school and learning should be an experience -- not just something you do, but something you truly experience. I believe learning should be challenging. It should stretch a student's capacity to help them achieve their very best. However, challenge shouldn't break a student. It should inspire them. It should be enjoyable, exciting, and extremely rewarding! So I strive to design learning experiences that are fun and silly. I wear costumes. I create hands-on activities. I write songs. I dress in tutus. I will do whatever it takes. My goal is that my kids would leave each day anxiously awaiting tomorrow. My hope is that my students would love learning and love coming to school! I want to be more exciting, more engaging, and more fun than anything else they have! I dream that they would be scholars who learn happily ever after!

As a teacher, I exercise to go outside my comfort zone to grow and develop professionally. I take risks I experiment. I make mistakes. I make changes. I strive to improve. That's what this blog is. It's a step. It's an effort to learn and grow to be the best teacher I can be. Join the fabulous first grade fun! Join me on my journey! 


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