Saturday, June 27, 2015

Freshly Baked Fraction Pizzas!!

In our classroom we love hands-on learning. However, let me tell you that mouths-on learning is definitely more exciting and delicious! We recently discovered how to calculate the fractional part of a set with some mouth-watering pizza activities. 

Students were each given a pizza box (special thanks and shoutout to Pieology for donating boxes!!) filled with pizza activities. The firsties loved having a place to store what they were doing! The first thing we did was learn a little about fractions with our two anchor charts:

After the kids understood what fractions were and the difference between the numerator and denominator, we were set to go. Each child donned an apron and we began "baking." They were able to create their own pizza with customized toppings. They then calculated the fractional part of each topping type!

Afterwards, we continued the fun with various pizza party and spinner activities! 

And let's be honest, you can't just do pizza math lessons without actually partaking of real pizza, so we enjoyed some delicious pepperoni pizza for snack!

The firsties were so excited to show off all their customized pizzas and all their pizza activities in their special boxes! 

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