Monday, June 29, 2015

ABC Countdown Commences!

In our first grade class, life is a perpetual party. A festival of fun and fabulousness. A spirited soiree of struggles and successes.  A continuous celebration of learning and accomplishments. Okay, so that's not exactly true. For a number of days this past year, that was absolutely the case and others not as much. Some days are phenomenal, some days are hard, and others are even harder. Nonetheless, we do try; everyday our goal is to learn and love learning through fantastically fun experiences.

I have no idea where this year has gone, but we are "winding down" to the end of school. This realization comes with a plethora of emotions swirling in my being: sadness, excitement, pride, and anticipation, to name a few. But that's another post for another time. The point of all of this, is that even though school is coming to a close, we're turning up the party! Each year we celebrate the final 26 days of school with our annual "ABC Countdown!" Starting with the letter "A," we countdown to "Z" on the last day. Each day we have a special activity or snack that corresponds to the letter of the day! It's a fun and exciting way to celebrate and enjoy our final days together. 

Here is the letter I send home to parents about our Countdown as well as a schedule of all our days!! 

ABC Countdown Letter

 Countdown Calendar
A is Art Day! 

I'm happy to announce that our ABC Countdown has commenced!! My firsties and I had a fabulous first two days of our countdown last week! We began with Art on Thursday and Bubbles on Friday of last week! 

For A's "Art Day" we had several fun activities. We read books about famous artists in history and looked at some of their incredible masterpieces. We talked about what motivates artists and why they create what they do. In anticipation for our "Muffins with Mom" time in a few weeks, the firsties did their own art projects -- special crowns for their moms to wear to our event. Here are some pictures of their masterpieces made with love:

Working on our special Art Day crowns for our moms!

Bring on the bubbles!

B was "Bubble Day!" We talked about bubbles in relation to states of matter and then played bubble tag. Students try to "tag" one another by "hitting" their classmates with a bubble while trying not to be hit with one themselves. Boy, did we have a blast with bubbles!!! 

Needless to say, our first week of the countdown was a success! Looking ahead to this week, we're super excited about continuing our countdown! We'll celebrate with:
  • Monday: C - Chalk
  • Tuesday: D - Donuts with Dads (One of my absolute favorite days! Such a special time with the firsties and their fathers!)
  • Wednesday: E - Earth Day
  • Thursday: F - Fitness
  • Friday: G - Glowsticks
These super smarties blow me away!

Stay tuned as our countdown continues!!! 



  1. Hello from #‎TpTCATribe‬! This is such a super cute idea. I teach fifth grade, but it could be fun to use the alphabet to review concepts we learned throughout the year! Hmmm.... I feel an idea brewing!! ;) -Kat,

    1. Hi, Katie!!!!! I can't take credit for the idea -- I saw it on Pinterest several years ago! I love the twist of using it to review content -- that's awesome!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!! xoxo